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Life Coaching

Mindset, Success & Transformation


Focus Areas

  • Eliminating negative self talk

  • Overcoming self doubt & surpassing limiting beliefs

  • Creating consistency with healthy habits (using the ABC Model)

  • Mindfulness

  • Setting boundaries 

  • Building self esteem & self worth

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  • Getting to know yourself on a deeper, more spiritual level

  • Who Am I?

  • Core Values - What are they and what are yours?

  • Healing from past relationships, grief & loss

  • Building Confidence

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  • Goal Setting (using the SMART & GROW frameworks)

  • Developing Communication Skills

  • Managing stress, anxiety & burnout 

  • Creating a healthy work/life balance (using the Wheel of Life model)

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  • Weight Loss & Body Dysmorphia 

  • What's your relationship with food & exercise?

  • Reflect on the body over the years (what diets, exercise routines have you tried - how has your body changed over time).

  • How do you feel about your body and health?

  • Creating a happy consistency with diet & exercise 

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