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About Me

Acsah Adriana- Founder & Coach

My name’s Acsah originally from the UK, currently living as an Expat in Dubai. I live in Dubai with my beautiful little family, partner, daughter and our little French Bulldog Miley. During my time working as a personal trainer something became apparent; fitness was never just about weight loss there was always a deeper, ‘pain point’. Whether that was, health issues, injury, lack of motivation there was always a feeling that needed healing.


Pablo Picasso said, ‘The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away’. My gift is helping others heal, physically and/or emotionally. From my experience the two are usually interlinked. As a society we are obsessed with how things look, I love to help others peel back those superficial layers and reach their internal core where they discover those powerful, transformative moments. With that simple belief is how In & Out coaching came to be. I’m excited that you are here. Are you?

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