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The Wheel of Life

Updated: Jan 12

The Wheel of Life will most likely be used during a discovery session (your first session with a coach). It’s an effective tool used to help a client evaluate their life.

It breaks down the key elements that make up a happy, healthy and purposeful life. Clients are asked to rate each area from a scale of 1-10 on how much of a priority the area is in their current life. 1 being of lowest priority and working up to 10 being of highest priority.

The Wheel is served up in 8 slices:


How much do you prioritize your physical and mental health? Is exercising / living an active lifestyle

incorporated into your daily life? Do you eat a nutritious, well-balanced diet? Have you had any

changes to your health status? Emotional health: what are your energy and motivation levels?

What daily habits do you incorporate to ensure you are protecting and prioritizing your emotional



When evaluating your finances here are some questions to think about. What is your current

financial situation? What is your attitude and relationship to finances? Does your financial

situation trap or free you? How aware are you about your finances and how much do your

finances impact your daily life and decisions.


When I work with clients, I define relationships as romantic ones and/or immediate family (for

me immediate family would mean those I live with, husband, daughter, dog). How much of a

priority are these people in your life? Do you see much of them? What is the quality of the

relationship(s)? Relationships need continued time and attention. How much do you prioritize the

key relationships in your life? Alternatively, are you lacking key relationships? If so, why do you

think that is?


How much do you make time for your friends and family? Other questions to think about would be,

what kind of friend are you? Be truthful with yourself. What’s the quality of your friendships do

they feel authentic, honest and based on genuine love for one another. Do your friends inspire and

motivate you? How much do you reach out to family members? Are you present when you're with

your friends and family or do you get distracted easily?


What does fun mean to you? When was the last time you had fun? What are your likes, interests

and hobbies and how much time do you make for them?


In its most basic form this means; ‘higher purpose’. What higher purpose do you serve. If you are

religious then this could take more of a religious route. However, if you are not then this simply

means how do you try to make the world a better/ nicer place. When we think spirituality ask

yourself – how would I like to be remembered? Once answered ask yourself what do I do on a

daily basis for me to be remembered in this way.


What is your job? Do you have a job? Are you looking for a job? Are you in a situation where you

can work? What would your dream job be? Are you passionate about your job / career or is it

just an obligation? Do you feel you have a happy work life balance?


What do personal growth and self-development mean to you? If you could develop your skill sets

do you know what courses you would need/like to take? Are you interested in learning and

growing? By the way you can say No. Self-development; is there any area of yourself you would

like to work on? Are you aware of yourself and your actions and do you implement daily habits to

ensure you are showing up as the best possible version of yourself?

Go ahead and rate each area. For coaching to be truly effective you need to be honest and open. By answering honestly, you will be more aware on how to adapt your life to make it happier, more meaningful and more balanced.

Each area is important and sometimes it can feel like an impossible task to try and balance everything. This is why we have the wheel to help break it down and reevaluate.

Once you have rated each area, feel free to contact me or alternatively, send me a DM on Instagram if you are ready to explore and unpack further.

Until next time, keep turning your wheel :) xXx

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