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Exercising during pregnancy...

During my pregnancy I can’t tell you how many times someone told me to, ‘be careful’ or question how safe it was for me to be training. It surprises me that many people have the idea that training during pregnancy is going to be harmful rather than beneficial. Unless you have been advised by your doctor not to exercise then there are so many benefits to keeping active and following a training program during pregnancy. I love training pregnant women and watching them embrace the magic that is their bodies!


  • * Eases back ache and other common aches and pains

  • Helps manage weight gain

  • Improves fitness

  • Reduces constipation

  • Reduces anxiety and promotes good sleep

  • Health benefits for your newborn

  • Help manage pain during labor and helps with the recovery process

  • An active pregnancy can decrease the chances of complications during birth

  • Increases the chances of baby being born in their expected weight range

The Golden Rule: Training during pregnancy is all about maintenance.

Not the time to decide you want to run the London marathon or become a body builder. Of course, during this course of training the goal cannot be to lose weight (for obvious reasons). Maintaining a healthy body weight, posture and well being is the goal.

Exercises to Avoid

  • Contact Supports

  • High Impact (lots of jumping, changing direction quickly, rapid movements)

  • Abdominal work such as crunches, sit ups

  • Burpees

Safe Exercises

  • Cardio - (running, swimming, cycling)

  • Swimming

  • Pregnancy Yoga / Pilates / Barre

  • Kegel exercises are safe and super important

  • Cycling

  • Strength Training

Working with a pre/post natal trainer during pregnancy is definitely a worthwhile investment. Depending on your own journey to pregnancy it can be a very anxious and overwhelming time for mummy’s to be. Nothing will ever truly prepare you for the journey into becoming a mum. Therefore ensuring you are staying active during pregnancy does wonders for the mind, body & soul.

So invest in your gym ball’s, yoga mats, classes, new maternity swim wear, a trainer, whatever works for you.

If you are looking for support from a pre/post natal trainer then please do contact me either via the website or you can DM me on instagram. :)

Happy Training Mummy!


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