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What is a Life Coach and Why Speak to One?

Updated: Jan 12

Life Coach: The Google Definition: “A life coach is someone who counsels and encourages clients through personal or professional challenges. A life coach helps guide clients to reach their ultimate goals. A life coach can help individuals in different areas of their life”

The term Life Coach sounds kind of cheesy. I know it does, it does. However, when an individual is

coached profoundly then the results are truly transformative. So how and why did I train to become a

life coach. I had a life coach, it changed my life, now I want others to realize just how attainable a happy, meaningful life is.

With a coach you will explore yourself on a deeper level. Who are you? I used to teach kindergarten and one of the topics was, ‘Who Am I’. And it got me thinking who am I? It’s strange when we are young, we encourage our children to learn, grow, develop and be happy.

Why when we enter adulthood does the growing stop? Why do grown-ups stop growing? Are we ever grown? I never use the term grown up, I am an adult who continues to learn, grow & develop.

That is essentially what a life coach does it helps you map out a better future for yourself. One of the

consistencies I have found as a coach is that many of us live lives that make other people happy.

Focusing on how our lives look to everyone else. I encourage clients to detach from what it looks like

and explore what things feel like. Life is not linear and different strokes for different folks. I encourage and guide clients to find their authentic strokes.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a Life Coach and a Therapist?

The simplest way I can put it is like this…A therapist heals the past a coach creates the future.

I could just go for a chat with a friend(s) / family who love and care about me?

I agree sometimes a coffee with your bestie is all we need to get us feeling a little better after a tough

day/week/month. However, friends and family no matter how well intentioned all carry unconscious

bias. Human beings are designed to inherently be selfish and protect our own interest. Imagine a

space where someone does not know you, has no preconceived ideas about you and your life.

Coaching creates a confidential space for you to communicate how you're feeling with no fear of it

being judged or shared. Most importantly a coach does not try to advise you. A coach believes

that you are whole and resourceful; only you know what’s best for you. A coach is a trained individual who can help you unpack and strip back the layers to help you get there.

What Happens During a Life Coaching Session?

You come as you are, and you talk about whatever you feel you need to talk about. Many clients

expect the coach to do the talking. Not the case. Coaching works best for those who feel comfortable

enough to speak, openly, honestly and are prepared to get vulnerable. A coach can act as an

accountability partner: however, they cannot do the work for you. So, show up rested, hydrated and

ready to get brutally honest about where you're at and where you want to be. Oh, and during a

coaching session no phones. We are going old school and sitting and talking to each other with no

distractions. The only reason for us to be looking at a screen will be because we are having a session

online via zoom or google meet. By all means you can post about the coaching session but after not during ;).

How long will I need to work with a Coach for?

Coaching is not a linear process at all. I love the quote, ‘every human is a world of their own’. It really

depends on what outcomes you are looking for. Start with a discovery call – your first session where

you meet with your coach. See if you are a good match for coaching and then take it from there. 

Do I need to speak to a Life Coach?

We are so fortunate to live in a time where we are giving a voice to mental health. You don’t need to

do anything. However, if you feel disconnected, lost, unhappy, unmotivated or even just a bit like

you're plodding along in life. Then yes coaching will definitely alleviate these feelings, help get you

motivated and get your life back on track. I view coaching as a wardrobe clear out - sometimes we just need to take everything out, sort what we want to keep, decide what we want to throw away and

what we want to add. No matter how figured out you think you have it, things build up and it’s always

good to have a clear out.

If you do have any other questions or want to enquire about coaching, then please contact me here or send me a DM via Instagram / Facebook.

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