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Are You Looking for Love?

Updated: Jan 12

The number of times I have had potential clients come to me and say I want a romantic relationship. Of course, it’s absolutely fine to want a partner or long for an ex to come back to you. Matters of the heart can be so incredibly intense, hence why so much of our media is love centered.

A life coach isn’t a genie and cannot grant wishes. What a Life Coach can do is help you fall in love with yourself and your life.

There is a common theme I notice when speaking to clients. That is that they want a partner as if it is something they need to tick off a to do list. But actually, what you are asking for is to invite another person to share their life with you. That’s a very big want.

The next time you are feeling sad and lonely I want you to ask yourself, have you got the emotional space to take on another human being right now?

When you have the ability to forget about the picture-perfect life of having a partner and a family (I would add a dog into that picture) and actually work on yourself first that’s always the best place to start. When you ooze in the confidence of being you, only then will you attract the right kind of partner into your life. Where I see so many relationships go wrong is that you sold yourself on a lie. I have done this before. Particularly as women we modify ourselves to appease the male ideologies.

At the core of what I do as a Life Coach is understand who a person was before they became the person the world conditioned them to be. When I can communicate with that person than the next steps align much more organically.

Are you struggling in the field of love and relationships?

Answer the questions below:

  1. What is your definition of love?

  2. Have you been in love before?

  3. Describe how it felt being in love?

  4. Describe your perfect partner

  5. What makes you lovable?

  6. Why/How would having a boyfriend/girlfriend impact your life?

If you want to unpack your responses on a deeper level, then please do schedule a discovery call with me here.

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