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Identifying the Why…

Most of us live in a constant state of wanting. When I sit down with a client they are spending their

time and money to talk about what they want. It can range from weight loss, a career change, wanting to find love or simply wanting to feel happier.

The wanting is the simple part. We can connect to others via our wants. When I think back to my teaching days I remember colleagues all talking about, wanting to lose weight. All the latest fad diets and exercises. Wanting also opens up a dialogue where we can make excuses about why the want is not attainable.

The way in which people attain what they want starts with a simple step. Identifying the why in the want. It’s not if you want something bad enough you will have it. It’s when you understand something well enough you can execute it!

So what is the want that is in your mind and heart? Not too long ago I sat down with a client who came to me adamant he wanted to, “be his own boss” and open a business. Great! Let‘s unpack this and start mapping out the SMART goal and break it all down. What was discovered during sessions was the want was based off of an ideology of how ‘being your own boss’ is represented online and in media. Rich, lavish life, traveling the world and working when you felt like it. However the reality of, ‘being your own boss’ was a lot different to how it had been imagined. The next session he came to me and told me how fortunate he was with his current career and it was actually a great place to grow and develop. What he realized he really wanted was to become more disciplined, focused and less distracted. We unpacked why he felt this way and started there. I am sure a long the way, when the time is right he will, ‘be his own boss’.

When I resigned from my teaching job. My want was clear; I want to create a life that works for myself and my family. I want to create an online coaching platform that offers not just personal training but life coaching. A safe, fun space where anyone can read, learn about life coaching and get some helpful fitness and food ideas. A platform to share my knowledge, passions and join this online world!

One of my biggest fears for my daughter is the day she gets a smart phone. Truthfully I am not a huge social media fan. I never feel my age (33) until I go online. Wondering what the latest # trends are, knowing what time to post etc. I love the quote, ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. I have created this safe online space, full of all things love, positivity and health. If the only person this serves is my daughter; well that is time and money I could not have invested better. Sometimes you really just need to trust yourself and do things your way. I take great comfort in knowing a good intention will have a positive outcome.

So what do you want? What is the why to your want? And how much do you actually want it?

Need help unpacking your want as yourself the questions below:

What do you want?

How would your life look & feel if you attained this want?

What actions / daily habits would you need to take / incorporate?

Have you tried before? If the answer was yes why did you not attain the want?

What one small thing can you do today to make you 1% closer to attaining this want?

Want to unpack a little further? If so hit the contact me section :)

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